You can obtain the uMMA test for B12 status that is done through the mail from Norman Clinical Labs. This is a "spot" urine test, meaning that a one-time sample is used (you don't have to collect multiple urine samples over a period of time). Their page will ask you, at the top, to email them to request a test kit at

Here is some info and your options:

1. They do not charge to ship the kit unless the shipping cost is over $10, as it might be with international mailing (they are in the U.S.). The cost of the test when done through is $100 USD (but you pay the lab directly). This discount was offered by Norman Clinical Labs as a thank you to Health 101, and we do not make any money on the testing. Their normal fee is $150.

2. You can call them at 800-397-7408 to order the test kit and arrange for payment.

2a. You can email them at to order the test kit and arrange for payment.

3. You can also send them a spot urine specimen in a small glass bottle by overnight mail, or a fast shipping method, so that you don't need their kit. Contact them first so you know what information you must send with the sample and to arrange for payment of $100 USD. This saves time especially for international testing.

If you are counseling with Don Bennett, request that the test result be sent also to

NOTE: The urine sample for this test should not be clear; it must have some color. The "first morning" sample should be concentrated enough to have some color. If it doesn't, the day before the test, cut back on fluid intake (water and coconut water), and no watermelon either.

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