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Raw Food Recipe Books ("Un-Cookbooks")

Important Note: The healthiest diet doesn't include gourmet recipes on a regular basis. Many of the recipes contained in these books (except the first one) invariably contain too much fat (nuts, seeds, oils) to eat as part of a healthy diet. They are mentioned here to show that recipes don't have to be cooked.

"The Ultimate Raw Food Detox and Wellness Program" by Ellen Livingston -- Contains many Simple 'n Healthy Raw Cuisine recipes by the pioneer in simple and healthy eating.
Highly recommended. ***** Five Stars!

The above book is the only one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

"Garden Of Eden Raw Fruit & Vegetable Recipes" by Phyllis Avery (127 pgs.) -- This fantastic book contains over 160 raw-food recipes, including 44 main dishes, all made from fresh, raw produce. Phyllis is a long-time practitioner of Natural Hygiene and was a close friend of the late T.C. Fry, one of the foremost advocates of the raw-food diet in the world. Excellent transition tips and ideas. Phyllis maintains that humankind's physical and mental problems began after the discovery of fire when humanity's diet changed from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to cooked vegetables, flesh, and grains.

"The UnCook Book" by Elizabeth Baker (313 pgs.) -- Adventures to a new health high, featuring raw-food recipes for every occasion.

"Living In The Raw" by Rose Lee Calabro (314 pgs., 1998) -- Rose Lee describes how she lost 150 pounds and healed herself of cancer, chronic fatigue, and gout by eating raw foods. She then lists a couple hundred pages of her favorite raw-living-food recipes. Contents include: Appetizers * Desserts: cakes, candy, cookies, pies * Main Dishes * Pates * Salads & Dressings * Soups. The book is printed on fine paper stock and can withstand even the most outrageous kitchen.

"Warming Up To Living Foods" by Elysa Markowitz (144 pgs.) -- The author shows you how she warms up raw foods without destroying their vital enzymes. Includes color pictures.

"UnCooking With Jamey & Kim" by Jamey Dina & Kim Sproul (41 pgs.) -- 21-year 100% raw-foodist Ric Lambart declares that this is the best raw recipe book on the market. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow. The clean spiral bound format makes it easy to use in the kitchen. Contains 100 all-original raw-food recipes developed over the past four years.