Just Barley a.k.a. Daily Green Boost
Organic • Raw Vegan

Representative Nutritional Analysis

These amounts are not intended to imply that these are the exact amounts that will be present in every bottle as these amounts will vary because this is a product grown in nature and not made in a lab. This analysis was done by an independent third party and not by the suppliers of Daily Green Boost.


Beta Carotene 1370 IU/100 g
Vitamin A <50 IU/100 g
Vitamin B1 0.43 mg/100 g
Vitamin B2 2.41 mg/100 g
Niacin 3.63 mg/100 g
Vitamin B5 5.1 mg/100 g
Vitamin B6 17.8 mg/100 g
Vitamin C 457 mg/100 g
Vitamin E 22.5 IU/100 g
Vitamin K 0.776 mg/100 g


Calcium 6.79 mg/g
Potassium 40.5 mg/g
Magnesium 0.03 mg/g
Iron 0.37 mg/g
Silicon 0.04 mg/g
Sodium 6.41 mg/g
Phosphorous 3.94 mg/g
Boron 58.0 mcg/g
Manganese 0.14 mg/g
Copper 0.09 mg/g
Silver 0.50 mcg/g
Chromium 1.09 mcg/g

Contains trace minerals in varying amounts, including: Boron, Lithium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Zinc, Cobalt


Alanine 16.9 mg/g
Arginine 13.4 mg/g
Aspartic acid 19.7 mg/g
Glutamic acid 26.1 mg/g
Glycine 12.4 mg/g
Histidine 5.22 mg/g
Isoleucine 10.8 mg/g
Leucine 18.2 mg/g
Lysine 14.6 mg/g
Methionine 3.6 mg/g
Phenylalanine 13.0 mg/g
Proline 14.8 mg/g
Serine 11.4 mg/g
Threonine 11.5 mg/g
Tryosine 8.29 mg/g
Valine 13.0 mg/g
Total Protein 213 mg/g
Total Sugars 300 mg/g

pH 6.26


Ingredients: Certified organic barley grass juice powder, dried using a cold temperature CO2 spray-drying process

Don's recommendations:

I advise a minimum of two heaping tablespoons a day (more if ill). This equals approximately 32 grams a day, which is about four bottles per month of Daily Green Boost.

Like most green powders, the bottle will say to mix with water. But a watery liquid is treated as water by the stomach, so the stomach will allow the mixture to pass through it into the small intestines where it will zoom through to get to the large intestines where water is meant to be absorbed. But the small intestines are where nutrients are absorbed, normally from semi-solid food that passes through it slowly compared to water (since water contains no nutrients, there is no need and therefore no mechanism to make water pass through the small intestines slowly). So, as with juices, you're not getting as much nutrition out of a liquid meal as most people believe, even though the nutrients are "concentrated" (a little known fact about juicing that most people aren't aware of).

To get the most nutrition out of a green powder meal, I'd mix it with solid food, like in a smoothie. Bananas make for a good combination.

Other tips for maximal nutrient absorption: "Chew" each mouthful of smoothie; don't swallow a smoothie quickly just because you can. Chewing is what signals the brain to make digestive juices in the stomach, and chewing mixes saliva with what you're eating, and saliva is involved in the processing of fats and protein. So even if you're drinking a juice, don't consume it as you would water. Swish it around in the mouth before swallowing. If you feel you will look weird doing this, either consume your smoothies and juices in private, or simply don't care what other people think. :)


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