Keep on Rebounding!

Warning:  Firming up and feeling great has never been so much fun!

Professionally filmed with three cameras, this follow-along rebound aerobics program is an excellent addition to your daily routine.

Join rebounding experts Holly Anderson (of the Air-O-bics series) and gymnast Darren Carter as they lead their team of Certified Aerobics Instructors in a program designed with the novice and the super-fit in mind.  Varied and creative choreography, suitable for all skill levels, helped earn this video the reputation for "most recommended" in-home rebound exercise programs.

Duration: 38 minutes. Perform 1, 2 or all 3 segments of the routine depending on your day's schedule and your level of fitness.

Burn approximately 300 to 350 calories following this video. That is equivalent to a 5K jog or 3.17 miles!

The length and intensity of the routine falls within the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine for optimal health benefits. 

"Bounce Your Way to Better Health!"

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