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Book Review

Probably one of the most significant health books coming in the new millennium, Health Wars, compiled by world-renowned UK health researcher Phillip Day, tears the lid off the shameful medical and corporate scandals that are killing our nations. 

1. VESTED INTERESTS AT CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENTAL LEVEL are resulting in harmful and even fatal modes of treatment being sanctioned for the sake of industry and the shareholder. Today, Western healthcare and its drugs are the leading cause of death in the Western world. Day cites Journal of the American Medical Association and other health industry statistics to corroborate his astonishing and deeply disturbing conclusions.

2. VESTED INTERESTS IN THE MEDIA. Many of today’s mainstream health writers and editors are in possession of well-researched life-saving information on many health issues and are being blocked from publishing it for the benefit of all. What are the media owners afraid of? Should they bear the brunt of responsibility for allowing the public to go uneducated on these vital issues?

3. DANGEROUS CONVENTIONAL TREATMENTS. Conventional drug regimes for cancer, AIDS and other so-called ‘progressive’ illnesses are highly toxic and known carcinogens, which have a well documented capacity for causing the very illnesses they are designed to defeat and killing patients indiscriminately. Many thousands of people are needlessly suffering and dying, their conditions in many instances curable with unpatentable, non-toxic and non-invasive nutritional treatments.

4. THE DANGERS OF VACCINATION AND VACCINE THEORY. Mass vaccination programs are on the increase, despite there now being firm evidence linking vaccination to serious chronic health problems, such as autism, permanent brain injury and death. 

5. SUGAR (SUCROSE), ASPARTAME AND SACCHARIN. “Sugar feeds cancer,” the medical experts agree. Almost all the population is addicted to the refined sugar, sucrose, or its partners, aspartame and saccharin, which have now been clinically linked to accelerated aging, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and over 100 other serious health problems that are being deliberately ignored or downplayed by the hugely influential and profitable sugar and sweetener industry. 

6. WHY ARE CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS NEVER TRAINED IN NUTRITION? Nutrition plays such a vital role in maintaining good health. We are what we eat. Yet our doctors are trained in institutions funded by the pharmaceutical industry and are given little or no training in this vitally important area. Most of the diseases killing Western populations today are metabolic- or toxin-related, which means that drugs foreign to the body’s metabolic processes are never addressing the underlying causes. 

7. GENETIC ENGINEERING AND HUMAN CLONING. Crops and other foodstuffs are becoming increasingly bio-engineered to render greater output and fatter profits. But what price will the citizen pay in the future? With human cloning, tiny human beings are now being reproduced and then ‘harvested’ - killed in the name of ‘scientific advancement’. Aside from the obvious areas open to brazen abuse, what are the health and moral implications of allowing ‘sibling spare parts’ to be lauded as a beneficial industry?

8. FLUORIDATION. For years, we have been told that fluoride consumption is a healthy necessity and safe. The shameful reality is that these ‘fluoride’ compounds do not prevent dental cavities and are in fact constituents of nerve gas and rat poison. Hexafluorosilicic acid, for example, the most widely used water fluoridation compound, is raw industrial hazardous waste. Why are we being mass-medicated without our consent when these compounds, designed to protect our teeth, in fact destroy them through dental fluorosis?

9. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS. Many of today’s illnesses in the human and animal population are increasingly being linked to cumulative poisoning. Pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic materials, ploughed into our soils and subsequently our food-chain, produce the astonishingly broad spectrum of deadly diseases afflicting us today. What common household and personal care products we use every day contain potentially harmful chemicals that can damage us over the long-term? What cosmetics products, costing us a fortune, are giving us beauty to die for?

10. VETERINARY SCIENCE AND ANIMAL CARE. Animal illnesses are on the rise. Unknown to most people, many animals are being adversely affected by the effects of toxic conventional treatments, vaccination and contaminated feed coming from the little-scrutinised animal rendering and pet food industry.

Phillip Day: “The Journal of the American Medical Association has published figures showing that Western healthcare is now the third leading cause of death in America. Interestingly, the medical establishment is in possession of preventative nutrition information that could drastically cut the numbers of heart disease and cancer deaths, the leading two killers in our society today. This same medical establishment however has made the deliberate decision not to share or publicise this information. This implicates Western healthcare as the leading cause of death in our society today.

But this is not a local problem. The British Medical Journal declares that in America alone, 199,000 A YEAR are being killed by errant medical procedures. In the UK, blunders by doctors are killing 40,000 a year. In Australia, 1 in 5 are being killed by their own healthcare, and in China, bad medicine is killing 200,000 every year, with 60-80% of China’s 10 million deaf-mute cases related to the use of inappropriate medicine.

This global medical catastrophe is growing worse with each passing year, but people are finally beginning to wake up and take action. This new century unfortunately, but through necessity, must be the age of the Health Wars.”

Health Wars, by Philip Day, is published by Credence Publications.
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