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Who is the Dictator of Your Health?
By Dr. Vivian V. Vetrano, M.D.,Dr. Sc. roylretreat.com

Who is the dictator regarding your health? Is it your mentor? Is it the health books you read? Your doctor? Your alternative heath care practitioner? It is none of the above... it's not even you!

Nature and her laws are the dictator! Nature strives for perfection, and demands your pursuit of perfection as it regards your health in return. Unless you satisfy your physical and mental needs, you will find some aspect of yourself suffering, sometimes intensely, which can be very painful both physically and mentally. If that happens, Nature is trying to tell you something is wrong, and it is trying to cope as best it can. Pain is both a warning and our benefactor. It (hopefully) jars us into thinking and questioning; "What's wrong?...Why is this happening?...Why can't I get well?"

If your doctor/teacher - who is well versed in Nature's Laws - advises you to do something or not to do something, it is because s/he has learned the Laws of Life, and knows what Nature is demanding. This doctor/teacher is telling you what Nature demands, not what s/he feels you should do. S/he is not your dictator. S/he is trying to get you to discover your errors, to help you get in harmony with the Natural Laws that govern your being. If you listen and heed the instructions, you should recover your health. And Nature is not asking you to "try"; trying is not the same as doing, and trying won't satisfy Nature. As mentioned before, Nature requires that you stay in harmony with the Laws of Life. If you merely try and do something, you may be doing better than before, but it is not the level of "doableness" that Nature requires for the recovery of health.

Attention to all the requisites of health is needed whether you are healthy or sick. However, when sick, they must be modified according to the individual's capacity. These may change as health is regained, and sometimes from day-to-day, according to the condition of the individual.

Put yourself in the hands of Mother Nature, and do as she dictates, not as you would rather her dictate. Previous conditioning, and erroneous teachings and ideas obstruct and prevent sick people from doing what would give them the best odds of recovery. Their instincts have been subdued by thinking that is based on the incorrect things they have learned. People are usually trying to "cure" themselves with diet alone, herbs, medications, supplements, adjustments, osteopathic manipulations, acupuncture, and with countless other ways. These very things obstruct the healing process... they don't pave the way towards healing, they get in its way.

Seek the Laws of Life as taught by Drs. Graham, Shelton, and Haag. Study them well. Then and then only will you realize what is the right thing to do under all circumstances. You will then be following Mother Nature, and recovery will take place.

The most difficult part of getting well the natural way is discipline. The health seeker must discipline him/herself into doing it right. This takes passionate desire, determination to succeed, strength of will, and patience. Nature is like the tortoise, slow but sure. So keep on making right choices in accordance with Natural Law, and you will soon find yourself feeling incredibly well.

Nature demands that you give equal attention to obtaining all of the following: sunshine, fresh clean air, pure water, food (fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds), adequate rest and sleep, exercise, cleanliness, emotional poise, nurturing relationships, and freedom from poisonous habits. These are the conditions for the recovery and maintenance of vibrant health!

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