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Things the Public Doesn't Know
About Aspartame*... But Should

by Robert Cohen

* Nutrasweet/Equal/E951/Canderel, etc.

In 1990, I helped a 60 Minutes producer (Isadore Roesemarin) do a segment on aspartame/NutraSweet, the artificial sweetener. When Searle Pharmaceuticals got NutraPoison approved, their president was a man by the name of Donald Rumsfeld. They then sold the company to Monsanto. A 30-year-old named Clarence Thomas was then Monsanto's lawyer. A congressman by the name of John Ashcroft had received the greatest number of political donations from Monsanto. That's just a bit of trivia and not the primary point to be made here.

At that time I carefully went through Searle's research. They had submitted 112 studies to the FDA for approval. The FDA designated 17 of those studies to be "pivotal." By naming a study "pivotal" it had to be available to the public in its entirety. So...I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the 17 studies. One of them was performed at the University of Wisconsin on Rhesus monkeys. After day 300 of that one-year study every single one of the monkeys (low dose, medium dose, and high dose groups) developed grand mal epileptic seizures.

Although I totally deplore animal research, I recognize that the performance and review of such research is THEIR game. THEY set the criteria. When lab animals suffer adverse affects, THEY are responsible for telling the truth. In this case, they ignored the truth. I discovered the truth.

One month before the report aired, I met with a man by the name of Michael Friedman, a high level FDA bureaucrat. I shared the results of the study with him. FDA had approved aspartame by concluding that there were no adverse affects on laboratory animals. I found that FDA had erred. Friedman had my information.

I also found an ex-FDA employee willing to testify regarding internal FDA pressures to ignore the facts and approve NutraSweet. There was fraud and deceit at FDA. The public was about to be knowingly poisoned.

When the actual 60 Minutes piece aired, they left the testimony of the FDA employee on the cutting room floor. Furthermore, Friedman, armed with my information, was interviewed and said, "There were no adverse affects on lab animals." He lied, and I was angry and disappointed. The man represented pure evil to me.

Three months later he was named FDA Commissioner. Six months after that he left FDA to become the new president of the NutraSweet company.

(This kind'a stuff happens all the time folks! -- Don)



Aspartame Induced Arrhythmias and Sudden Death
By H. J. Roberts, MD, FACP, FCCP

A recent extensive review of sudden death in young athletes (1) made no mention of aspartame as a primary cause or suspected contributory factor, especially when demonstrable pathology was absent. This issue has assumed great public health importance because "diet" products containing this chemical are being consumed by over two-thirds of the population - especially weight-conscious persons.

I have repeatedly reported the serious cardiovascular, 'neuropsychiatric, metabolic and other adverse effects of aspartame products. (2-4) Among the first 1200 aspartame reactors in my data base, 193 (16%) had symptomatic arrhythmia's, 85 (7%) atypical chest pain, and 64 (5%) recent or aggravated hypertension.

One hypertensive patient developed complete heart block within hours after consuming his first diet cola.

Another had undergone unsuccessful radio frequency ablations in the heart before awareness of having aspartame disease.

Pheochromocytoma was suspected in several aspartame reactors.

The issue of sudden death related to aspartame and its breakdown products has been raised a number of times, particularly among previously well individuals using such products... including pilots and drivers , (3,4,6) and athletes. I have detailed the release of norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and free methanol by aspartame; a host of pertinent-related pathophysiologic conditions, (e.g., cumulative formaldehyde adducts derived from aspartame in tissue proteins and nucleic aids; excessive insulin release); direct oropharyngeal absorption from gum, "breath fresheners" and other products; and the increasing problem of aspartame addiction. (4-7)

The likelihood of pulmonary hypertension induced by the vasoconstrictive effects of aspartame products also has been considered. (5) It is relevant that unexplained dyspnea was experienced by 110 aspartame reactors, usually with prompt improvement after abstinence. Moreover, primary pulmonary hypertension was found at autopsy in a 27 year old female aspartame reactor.

The lack of familiarity of most physicians and medical examiners with the foregoing considerations can have serious legal consequences. A case in point is that of a young woman (also a Sunday School teacher) who has been sentenced to serve 50 years in a Virginia prison for allegedly poisoning her husband with methyl alcohol. Elevated methanol blood concentrations were found postmortem in this body builder/basketball player who drank ten diet drinks and other aspartame products daily. She remains incarcerated despite affidavits indicating that 10% of aspartame becomes free methyl alcohol after consumption.

The need for clinicians and corporate-neutral investigators to evaluate the contributory role of aspartame in cardiopulmonary disorders and sudden death, and drug interactions with aspartame, is underscored by the frequency of persons dying unexpectedly being categorized as "death due to causes yet to be determined." One interested resident of Orange county (California) found 192 persons listed in this category between July 11 and November 15, 2003 according to the Orange county Register.


* Maron BJ, Sudden death in young athletes, N Engl J Med 2003;349:1064-1075
* Roberts HJ, Reactions to aspartame containing products: 551 cases, J Appl Nutr l988;40:86-94
* Roberts HJ, Aspartame (NutraSweet): Is It Safe? Philadelphia, The Charles Press, 1989.
* Roberts HJ, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic. West Palm Beach, Sunshine Sentinel Press, 2001
* Roberts HJ, Aspartame-induced dyspnea and pulmonary hypertension, Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients 2003; 237 (January): 64-65
* Roberts HJ, Ignored Health Hazards for Pilots and Drivers. West Palm Beach, Sunshine Sentinel Press, 1998.
* Roberts HJ, Aspartame (NutraSweet) addiction, Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, 2900; 198 (January): 52-57

H. J. Roberts, MD, FACP, FCCP
Palm Beach Institute for Medical Research
P. O. Box 17799
West Palm Beach, Florida 33416 USA


Hawaii Moves to Ban Aspartame
by Dr. Betty Martini

Senate Bill 2506 introduced by Senator Kalani English, as well as House Bill 2580 sponsored by Representative Mele Carroll but introduced by Speaker of the House Calvin Say because of quota, will move to ban aspartame from the State of Hawaii. Senator Suzanne Chun-Oakland also on the team.

Efforts continue to ban this deadly excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that is addicting the public and triggering so many symptoms and diseases from MS and lupus and seizures to Parkinson's, diabetes and obesity and even blindness and death. An aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, explains how Donald Rumsfeld got this marketed when the FDA said no.


Masquerading as an additive it's a deadly drug that interacts with other drugs and vaccines.

No one can forget the gallant efforts of Senator Gerald Ortiz Pino who sponsored the Senate bill to ban aspartame in New Mexico. One picture that remains in my mind is addressing the Senate with Senators sipping Diet Coke. Dr. Ken Stoller said "It's hard to believe we are going to get anywhere with you drinking this, but consider the children." Aspartame is a teratogen triggering birth defects and mental retardation, reducing IQ, and triggering all types of behavioral and psychiatric problems.


Stephen Fox of Santa Fe, Managing Editor of the Santa Fe Sun News and prime New Mexico moving force behind the legislature efforts to ban aspartame, commented on the great consumer progress implicit in these two bills in Hawaii:

"This is wonderful news coming from Hawaii; the Legislators and their bill drafters saw the merit in keeping almost all of the same language from the 2006 and 2007 New Mexico bills, especially regarding the states' rights and their obligation to protect citizens health, which are not 'preempted' by massive failures at the FDA. These New Mexico bills were overwhelmed and eviscerated in New Mexico by some of the most vicious corporate lobbyists I have ever encountered, representing Ajinomoto of Japan, the world's largest aspartame and MSG manufacturer, as well as their duped American corporate henchmen/colleagues who use massive amounts of Aspartame, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Altria/Kraft Corporate services, and others. The same lobbyists will show up in Honolulu, make no mistake. These corporations have everything to lose if such bills advance and ultimately lead to the inevitable product liability and personal injury suits from those damaged by aspartame, which number in the hundreds of millions, despite their corporate-serving propaganda and lies. My profoundest appreciation goes to the Hawaii activists who brought up these imperative issues, and to the Legislators who see the merit and need to protect the health of all Hawaiians, no matter what duplicity is perpetuated by the top brass and corporate lackeys at the FDA."

Forty-seven members of the UK Parliament have asked for a ban, and efforts in New Zealand continue with a circulating petition for a ban.

Aspartame was never proven safe. Here is the Board of Inquiry Report of the FDA that revoked the petition for approval:


In the US a petition has been filed with the FDA to ban aspartame based on an imminent health hazard. Twelve toxicologists wrote the FDA Commissioner in June asking for a ban having to do with the Ramazzini Studies showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen.


We thank Hawaii for their efforts at safeguarding the people of that state and stand by to help in any way possible. SB 2506 is listed below for review.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
E-Mail: BettyM19@mindspring.com

Aspartame Toxicity Center:

Visit SweetPoison.com
and aspartamekills.com


The Toxic Soup Called Aspartame
by Dave Rietz

GD Searle and Company developed aspartame (now commonly marketed as NutraSweet®) by accident when creating an ulcer drug. Many health complaints have been reported about the negative health effects of aspartame, from headaches to tumors.

According to James S. Turner, lawyer and co-founder of the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network, Searle funded 100% of the safety studies undertaken from 1985 to 1995 which found aspartame to be safe. Apparently all studies not funded by industry raised questions. Information linking tumours to aspartame was dismissed by the then FDA Deputy Commissioner, who went on to become Vice President of Clinical Research for Searle.

According to another report by health author Gail Davis, a similar situation occurred in 1983 when aspartame was approved for use in soft drinks. The FDA Commissioner left soon afterwards to become a consultant for Searle's public relations firm.

   Aspartame was never and cannot be proven to be safe.  It is not and
cannot be a diet aid because the formaldehyde (from the breakdown of the
10% methanol) gets stored in the fat along with some water.  The
National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) did a 30-page protest in the '80s
(Congressional Record, Senate S 5511, 5/7/85) that complained that
aspartame is unstable, and that it reduces the levels of serotonin (a
substance that gives that "full" feeling) so aspartame induces a craving
for carbohydrates.

L-Aspartyl-l-phenylalanine methyl ester, 98%, aspartame CAS #22839-47-0
(a.k.a. Equal, NutraSweet, Spoonful, Benevia, Equal Measure, etc.) is
composed of (at least) three things:

  1.) aspartic acid, (40%)   CAS # 56-84-8 C4H7NO4 (L-Aspartic acid)
  2.) phenylalanine, (50%)   CAS # 63-91-2 C9H11NO2 (L-Phenylalanine)
  3.) methanol       (10%)   CAS # 67-56-1 CH4O (Wood alcohol)

  Molecular Weight           : 294.30
  Formula                    : C14H18N2O5
  MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET : http://www.dorway.com/asparta.txt

                  O                O
                  ||               ||
     NH3 -- CH -- C -- NH -- CH -- C -- OCH3
            |                |
            CH2              CH2
            |                |
            C=O              C
            |              // \
            O            HC    CH
                         |     |
                         HC    CH
                           \\ /

The phenylalanine breaks down into diketopiperazine (DKP), a known tumor
agent, and is the reason FDA mandated a PKU warning label
"PHENYLKETONURICS: Contains phenylalanine".  Diketopiperazine was the
major impediment to approval noted in the Searle "Helling" memo

The methanol (without Ethanol, the natural antidote) breaks down in-
solution (diet coke, spit, etc.) into formaldehyde.  The human liver
also breaks down "free" methanol from any solution into formaldehyde.
The body has difficulty eliminating formaldehyde so it combines some of
it with water and stores it in the fat.  Formaldehyde not stored in the
fat is further converted to formic acid (same thing as ant sting

    (For proof that there is methanol, and that it converts to
    formaldehyde and DOES get stored in the fat.. visit:

   So, with each sip EVERY user gets a micro-dose of three poisons, two
of which (formaldehyde and formic acid) are known carcinogens... along
with that side-order of DKP, the tumor agent.  A science report was done
on Diet Cokes and the results were evaluated by a reputable food testing
laboratory.  The Lab proved the methanol => formaldehyde conversion
(even in unopened cans cooling off in the refrigerator) and that
phenylalanine converted to DKP. (See http://www.dorway.com/jcohen.html)

   A fairly complete list of aspartame breakdown components from the
aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol is as follows:

Formaldehyde                CAS # 50-00-0 CH2O (embalming fluid)
Formic Acid                 CAS # 64-18-6 CH2O2 (fire ant-sting poison)

Beta Aspartame              **
Aspartylphenylalanine       **
Aspartylphenylalanine amide **
Tyrosine                    CAS # 60-18-4 C9H11NO3
L-Dopa                      **
Dopamine                    **
Norepinephrine              **
Epinephrine                 **
Phenylethylamine            CAS # 64-04-0
Phenylpyruvate              **
Phenylactic acid            **
Phenylacetic acid           CAS # 103-82-2
Diketopiperazine (DKP)      CAS # 106-57-0 C4H6N2O2 (Glycine anhydride)

The damages caused by aspartame are noted in FDA's compiled list of 92
symptoms of aspartame poisoning (http://www.dorway.com/badnews.html)
(includes comments on how it happens).

   These symptoms were derived from what the FDA notes is the most
complained about substance in their history, at one time comprising
around 85% of all complaints.  The total number of complaints FDA admits
is over 10,000 (a vast understatement because Mission Possible has sent
FDA thousands of reports they chose to ignore).  Of note is that my two
CERTIFIED letters of complaint, one to FDA and another to DHHS, have
never been answered, which leads me to believe neither were counted.

FDA says less than 1% of victims report a problem.  This balloons
their 10,000 complaints to over a MILLION victims who SHOULD have
complained!  Please note that either number is significant, especially
for a "safe" food additive.

   The proponents of aspartame admit to the 10% methanol content but
claim that fruit has more methanol.  This is probably true, but where
they deviate from the truth is that nature included an abundance of
ETHANOL in fruit, the natural antidote to methanol poisoning.  They omit
telling the public that aspartame has NO ethanol, which is why it is
unstable and breaks down into formaldehyde in unopened containers.

   Products with aspartame in solution have an approximate 270 day shelf
life IF stored below 86 degrees F.  Much less when stacked in the sun
outside a gas station!

   A Nutrasweet Co. comment:

"Additionally, the comments about multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus
erythematosis, and Alzheimer's Disease being linked to aspartame are not
true. No one knows what causes these sad diseases, but they existed
many, many years before aspartame came to the market. There has not been
an "epidemic." Unfortunately these unsubstantiated statements have
frightened individuals and their families."

    If "No one knows what causes these sad diseases" how can they rule
out aspartame?  Simple logic nails them as liars on this one, too!

   Nutrasweet also says that the amino acids in aspartame are "natural".
They are natural only IN COMBINATION with other amino acids... not
isolated as in aspartame.

   Dr. Moser, the Nutrasweet spokesman, overstepped the boundary of
truth on National TV when he stated aspartame cannot get into the blood
and cause seizures.  The RAO report, one of 15 "pivotal" (of seventy
four) G. D. Searle funded tests, proved that five of seven monkeys fed
aspartame-laced milk for a year developed seizures and the seventh one
died (but all data on why was "lost").  Dr. Moser privately admitted to
Jennifer Cohen (author of the Diet Coke science report):

"..the study should never have been undertaken, much less submitted as
legitimate observation.  This particular experiment represents an
unpardonable breach in methodology." (H. Moser)

   FDA's "pivotal" proof of safety is a bizarre inverted interpretation.
What might the other 73 Searle-funded tests reveal? Review FDA toxicologist
Dr. Gross's notarized statements to Senator Metzenbaum concerning brain
tumors (http://www.dorway.com/gross.txt) and FDA's Dr. Jerome Bressler's
76 page report of only ONE Searle test, which verifies brain, mammary,
ovarian and uterine tumors PLUS shrunken testes

   Simply stated...  "ASPARTAME is a Pandora's box of chameleon-like
toxins and tumor agents that have 92 FDA acknowledged ways to ruin your
life, death being one of them".

  Damage caused by aspartame consumption is CUMULATIVE... it adds
up with each dose.  Too often the FDA mandated warning label
"PHENYLKETONURICS: Contains phenylalanine" is hidden or illegally
omitted (with impunity).



 Methanol  (wood alcohol, methyl alcohol) is a common household solvent
used in perfume, windscreen washing liquid, duplicating fluid,
antifreeze, shellac, paint remover.  It is also added to commercial
glutaraldehyde for shipping.  Methanol occurs naturally in fruit and
vegetables along with ethanol (alcohol).  Methanol metabolises in the
body to formaldehyde, then to formic acid, and then to substances which
can be eliminated  - including carbon dioxide and water.

 The oxidation products of METHANOL/METHYL ALCOHOL  [ie methanol =>
formaldehyde => formic acid] may induce severe acidosis.  The amount
causing severe effects varies with the individual especially if ethyl
alcohol (ethanol) is consumed at the same time. The two compounds share
the same degrading enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, and competition from
ethanol slows the production of the more toxic products of metabolism -
ie formaldehyde and formic acid.  Oxidation and excretion of methanol is
slow;  toxic symptoms do not develop for 12-48 hrs.  Symptoms involve
the visual apparatus  (severe degenerative changes occur within the
ganglion cells of the retina; the toxicity of methanol appears to relate
directly to formic acid),  the CNS, and the gastrointestinal and
respiratory tracts. Clinical toxicity relates to acidosis as well as the
effects of accumulation of toxic products: nausea, vomiting, generalised
weakness, severe abdominal pain, vertigo, headache.  Symptoms similar to
ethyl alcoholism appear: restlessness, incoordination... confusion and
memory defects are common.  [Paper available: CIIN  0024-GOET-85-014].
The half life of HCHO in rabbits etc is estimated to be one minute.
Inhaling the fumes of methanol can cause headache, eye irritation,
dizziness, visual disturbances and nausea.  It damages the liver, heart,
kidneys, and lungs.


 Skin reactions: ...chemical can be both irritating and allergy-
causing...(EPA).  A slight sensation of tiny insects crawling over the
eyes, nose and pharynx  (formication) is felt at 2-3 ppm. (Zurlo N, via
OSH, NZ.)  Contact with the vapour or solution causes skin to become
white, rough, hard and anaesthetic due to superficial coagulation
necrosis. With long exposure, dermatitis and hypersensitivity frequently
result.  Prolonged exposure may also cause cracking of skin and
ulceration, especially around the fingernails. Inhalation of  HCHO
vapours produces irritation to the eyes, nose and throat and frequently
results in upper respiratory tract irritation, coughing and bronchitis.
Asthma may occur in sensitive individuals. Exposure may cause headache,
dizziness, difficulty breathing and pulmonary edema. Acute effects
include conjunctival and URT irritation from exposure to 0.1 ppm-5 ppm.
Severe exposure to fumes may lead to chemical pneumonia.  (EPA
www.epa.gov). Peak expiratory flow rates in med students decreased
slightly over a 10 week anatomy course, a trend which reversed after the
course finished.  But studies of routinely exposed workers, controls,
and asthmatics using controlled chamber challenges have frequently
failed to show pulmonary changes.  However most patients tested for
formaldehyde asthma do not react to specific challenge or have
demonstrable antibodies present.  Inhalation of 10-20 ppm can lead to
lower respiratory tract irritation manifested by cough, chest tightness,
and tachycardia.   Human  systemic effects by inhalation.

 After ingestion, degenerative changes may be found in the liver,
kidneys, heart and brain.  Experimental  poison by ingestion, skin
contact, inhalation, intravenous, intraperitoneal and subcutaneous
routes.  Human poison by ingestion.  A woman drinking 120 mls of
formaldehyde died 28½ hrs later - blood analysis showed that sufficient
formaldehyde  metabolised rapidly to formic acid  (large amounts within
half an hour distributing to about 70% of body water) to cause metabolic

 HCHO is involved in DNA damage and inhibits its repair.  HCHO is a
suspected human carcinogen and has been shown to produce mutations and
abnormal organisms in bacterial studies" - (EPA).  Carcinogen -
(Dorland’s Medical Dictionary).  An experimental carcinogen, tumorigen
and teratogen.  Experimental reproductive effects.  The chemical has
been linked to menstrual disorders and pregnancy problems in women
exposed to high levels in nail salons (EPA).  A study of lab workers in
Finland found a significant association between formalin exposure and
spontaneous abortion.

 Neurotoxin   (see also Formaldehyde Neurotoxicity p 29.)  A good
reference:  Lezak M. Neuropsychological Assessment,  1995, Chap 7).

  Other symptoms of sensitivity to formaldehyde, including muscle and
joint pain, fatigue, and cross reactivity to other chemicals are similar
to those listed for glutaraldehyde p 21. Excessive thirst is noted in
The Jeremiah Project literature.  John Bower, Director, Healthy House
Institute, Bloomington, Indiana:  In a new study,  March 1999:  "One of
the most insidious problems with formaldehyde is its ability to
sensitise people to other pollutants."

A note about Dave's website dorway.com from his daughter

February 13, 2017

It's with great, great sadness that I announce that the nonprofit DORway to Health (dorway.com), the anti aspartame website my father built (and I have maintained for the last 14 years), is now defunct. At one time, DORway was a standalone site, warning people about the dangers of aspartame. It was the biggest library of anti-aspartame articles available on the Web, and in fact, over the years, DORway has been referenced in anti-aspartame movies, documentaries and articles.

I made a promise to my father on his deathbed that I am now, unfortunately, forced to break. Years of hacking by those who would prefer you don't get to read the information my father accumulated about aspartame has finally taken a toll. I have been the recipient of hate emails, hate mail, threats, blackmail attempts, and a slew of crazy events that made me come to realize that there is, indeed, a conspiracy to keep you from learning the truth. Fortunately, I have been able to access my father's original files, so those will be put into a vault for access by trusted parties and will continue to be made available in some form or another.

Also fortunately, there is still a place you can go to commune with other concerned consumers and these will remain open.

Many thanks to those who followed dorway.com.

  Tanya Anne Crosby


Moderated Facebook group:

Public Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dorwaytodiscovery/

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