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In 1989, the incidence of cancer topped one million for the first time and the number of deaths reached 500,000... yet, in the name of orthodoxy, both new and traditional scientific theories are suppressed, medical records seized, clinics shut down, and innovative clinicians thrown in prison.

But while orthodoxy appears to have all the cards – money, power, prestigious credentials, influence in the major media – the continuing failure of orthodox medicine to deal satisfactorily with the major forms of cancer guarantees the growth of nonconventional approaches. It is the job of the true scientist, and all those who love truth, to take a serious and open-minded look at all methods and claims. A million new cases a year demand no less.

Ralph W. Moss – The Cancer Industry (1989,91)
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

Ways of Dealing with Cancer
that I Would Explore if I Got Cancer

By Don Bennett, DAS

Cancer as we experience it today is unnatural, meaning, we would never have gotten it 100,000 years ago. So it's not natural for us to get it the way we do. So, often, it is not enough to just resort to doing natural things like eating the diet that is natural for us to eat to get rid of the cancer. Sometimes a person needs to do equally unnatural things to deal with the unnatural cancer, like the therapies listed below.

The message that I hope you come away with from reading this page is: There are things we can do to support the body's natural cancer fighting mechanisms (and chemo is counterproductive in this regard), and if done along with no longer doing the things that cause cancer, and with doing some unnatural things to deal with cancers that have gotten to unnatural stages (including Stage One), many cancers can be resolved.

And here's a helpful philosophy: We all should assume we have some cancerous cells so that we adopt super healthy lifestyles now – as opposed to when we get a diagnosis of something serious – so that we have better odds of never having to deal with cancer in the first place. Let's stop it in its tracks and reverse it BEFORE we get a diagnosis of it! Much easier to do that with a "pre-actionary" approach (vs a reactionary approach).

NOTE: I already eat the healthiest of diets, so if someone isn't yet, this is the first thing to do. See my articles on diet in the articles section. And yes, the healthiest of diets contains a lot of fruit, and no, the sugar in fruit doesn't cause cancer or prevent you from getting rid of cancer... it actually helps to prevent it and get rid of it (as long as you're physically active and breathing enough fresh air).


The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss
Cancer Free by Bill Henderson
The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt
Politics In Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine by Daniel Haley (special attention should be paid to Dr. Burzynski and this documentary)
Raw Can Cure Cancer by Janette Murray-Wakelin (but changing to the healthiest diet isn't the only thing you should do)



The Quest for the Cures Continues
When Does Sugar Feed Cancer
Second Opinion - Interview with Ralph Moss on the corruption in the cancer industry
   (Be sure to watch the "Extras" too! Jaw-dropping info.)
Videos by Eric Mercola
Cancer Can Be Killed - A film by Jeff Witzeman (see write-up below
by Jeff)


Cancer Decisions: The Moss Reports



Methionine restriction (eat a fruit-based diet, and no, fruit sugar doesn't cause cancer to grow)

Fasting (depending on what type of cancer it was, and I'd want to be sure my nutrient levels were "topped off" before fasting). Use EGCg to reduce glutamine.

Fasting for 72 hours (protects cancer patients against the toxic impact of chemotherapy)

Green juice therapy (consuming only green juices made with organic greens only)

Add a worthwhile nutritional adjunct to your diet (to compensate for the nutritionally sub-par foods most people are buying). BTW, I do not sell it.

Grape Diet (read the book)

A diet of a small volume of certain fruits (pineapple, raspberries, orange pulp melons), each one eaten by itself as a meal, being VERY careful to under-eat slightly, and NO animal foods or oils of any kind, zero. And drink fresh lemon juice in water every morning, and cranberry juice (not from concentrate). For EFAs, add equal amounts of ground up hemp and chia seeds to a smoothie made from the pineapple and raspberries. See this video.

Apple peels (for Ursolic acid), red grapes (for Resveratrol), and Curcumin and Turmeric.

Sweet potatoes (even though they are usually consumed cooked, it may be better to eat them raw so the proteins are intact. Article)


Vitamin C - either oral liposomal or IV (IV protocol) (big on my list)

Vitamin D therapy (normalizing one's 25(OH)D level, a must, but not with a D supplement because sunshine makes other nutrients in the skin, like Nitric Oxide which is very important in cancer treatment. Use a phototherapy device as discussed in the article.)

Ozone IV Therapy (done in a clinic environment). More info here and here.

H2O2 Therapy http://www.curezone.org/diseases/cancer/h2o2.asp

EWOT Therapy (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy)

B17/Laetrile (apricot seeds) (B17 capsules) (don't dismiss this)

Iodine protocol (a must)

MSM (sulfur) Protocol

Beta Glucan - http://www.betterwayhealth.com, http://www.lef.org/magazine/2009/12/The-Immune-Enhancing-Benefits-of-Beta-Glucans/Page-01

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil), CBDs and THC from cannabis - article, article, article, resource

Proteolytic Enzymes, http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/history_of_treatment.htm, http://drsircus.com/medicine/enzyme-therapy-for-cancer-and-digestive-diseases

Far Infrared Therapy

Herb therapy - These tinctures from Barlow Herbal: East Star, Esiac-20 (sold under "Max's Power Bundle for C"). Also Turmeric w/Black Pepper. Highly recommended.

Hyperbaric O2 Therapy (big on my list,
done in a clinic environment)

Relaxation Therapy (very important!)

Rebounding "therapy" (moves lymph fluid, which is very important)

Coffee enemas (detoxifies liver, evicts parasites, part of the Gerson Therapy)

Turpentine (no, not the stuff from the hardware store, but 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine)

I'd also look into GcMAF. And here. [Note: Other GcMAF resources are no longer there. Hmmm]

And for skin cancers, beneign or malignant, or skin growths, I'd look into Cansema ointment ("black salve"). It works, is non-toxic, and therefore is hated by the pharma industry, cancer treatment industry, and by dermatologists.

I'm adding this one because, on the surface, it appears to have efficacy, but who knows. It's a combination of Curcumin, CBD oil, Vitamin E, and a veterinary product called Fenbendazole (an anti-parasitic dog de-wormer). You can hear the story of how it was developed and how it worked here, and his website is here.

For those who decide to do chemo, I'd investigate this first...
Fasting and chemo = better results, less damage. See http://fasten.tv/en/vortraege/longo

And maybe Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) and here also. This lowers blood glucose to 40 to starve cancer cells. It's done both with and without some chemo. The kind with chemo uses a low strength chemo agent mixed with sugar. First, insulin is used to bring down blood glucose to a low level, and then the "sweet chemo lite" is taken, and the malignant cells suck it up. This is far less toxic than standard chemo, so no hair falls out, no nausea, no fatigue, and no loss of appetite. But this is last on the list for obvious reasons (still subjecting the body to a poison). But consider that fruit contains natural "chemo" agents (substances that target cancerous cells), and the fruit sugar gets these substances into the malignant cells, so this is a more natural form of IPT with none of the poisonous qualities of IPT (see the first item under "EATING" above).

NOTE: For some of the above therapies you'll have to go outside of the U.S. because many are not approved for use in the U.S. Fortunately there are some clinics just over the border in Mexico, but this is a case of "Buyer Beware". Do your due diligence and vet the clinic you're considering working with. Some are great, and some are to be avoided. And some therapies can be done at home if you learn the "how to's" and purchase the equipment/supplement. Consider using a counselor that can help you navigate this, such as this one or this one.


The above info in a paragraph

When someone gets a diagnosis of cancer, besides doing some fasting, I'd also explore: A zero dairy and animal foods diet, high dose vitamin C therapy (either liposomal or IV), Vitamin D therapy (normalizing one's 25(OH)D level using a phototherapy device), B17/Laetrile, Beta Glucan, Cannabidiol, Insulin therapy (to lower blood glucose to 40 to starve cancer cells), Proteolytic Enzymes, Ozone Therapy, H2O2 Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Hyperbaric O2 Therapy, Relaxation Therapy (very important!), Green Juice Therapy, some coffee enemas (detoxifies liver), and if you must have some chemo to make your oncologist happy, then maybe Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT, a type of low toxicity chemo that is more effective than standard chemo), but a fruit-based diet is better than IPT. These have been shown to be far more effective than the standard-of-care conventional treatments, and yet they are categorized as "woo-woo" quack medicine supposedly because they are dangerous... and they are, but not to us, they're dangerous to the profit margins of the medical and pharma industries.


General Advice to Avoid Cancer (better than having to get rid of it)

1. Keep your internal environment healthy. Eat organically grown whole foods (fruits and leafy greens). Avoid GMOs. Stay away from processed foods. Since food matters but nutrition matters too, I add a nutritional complement to my diet of fruits and greens to compensate for the nutritionally sub-par food I get from the agri-based food industry that grows for yield, size, appearance, shelf-life, growth-rate, pest-resistance, and sugar-content but not for nutritional content (because there's no profit incentive to do so, and it's not mandated by government).

2. Detoxify the body via healthy living, appropriate amounts of physical activity and being properly hydrated. Research has led many scientists to conclude that jumping on a mini-trampoline (i.e. rebounding) is possibly the most effective exercise devised by man, especially because of the effect rebounding has on the lymph system.

3. Get sufficient sunshine. Vitamin D is automatically produced when the cholesterol in your skin absorbs the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun. It then circulates throughout your body to help prevent cancer (and other diseases). It's interesting to note that your body automatically produces just the right amount of vitamin D. If you live where the sun can't make adequate amounts of D in your skin all year 'round (and many people do), get a phototherapy device that mimics sunshine. I don't recommend a D supplement as the best thing you can do when the sun isn't strong enough because they don't contain all the other nutrients that sunshine makes in your skin that we need for optimal health, so get a phototherapy device.

5. Sleep. Get enough. And stop doing the things that can interfere with deep sleep (where the bulk of the nervous system energy is replenished; this "nerve energy" is used to power your healing processes, if you don't have enough, over time cancerous cells can become "cancer" as we know it today.

6. Manage stress. Unmanaged stress depresses/blunts the immune system and raises the odds of getting cancer. And one thing that can greatly reduce stress is remembering that you are not battling cancer, you are simply healing from it. Battles can be lost, but as long as your body is not past the point of being able to heal, healing always works if you know what to do, and you do it.


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Fact or Fiction?
"Cancer and other degenerative diseases can be managed
successfully only by the medical/pharmaceutical industries."

Healthy Diet Studies

You Are What You Eat

The Number One Cause of Cancer


And I must re-post this article...

Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses... National Cancer Institute's shocking admission affects millions of patients

by Mike Adams

With $100 billion a year now being spent on toxic chemotherapy treatments that damage patients and cause "chemo brain" side effects, a panel of cancer experts commissioned by the National Cancer Institute publicly admitted two years ago that tens of millions of "cancer cases" aren't cancer at all.

Tens of millions of people who have been diagnosed with "cancer" by crooked oncologists -- and scared into medically unjustified but extremely profitable chemotherapy treatments -- never had any sort of life-threatening condition to begin with, scientists have confirmed.

"The word 'cancer' often invokes the specter of an inexorably lethal process; however, cancers are heterogeneous and can follow multiple paths, not all of which progress to metastases and death, and include indolent disease that causes no harm during the patient's lifetime," says the abstract of the published study entitled Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment in Cancer An Opportunity for Improvement (JAMA. 2013;310(8):797-798. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.108415)

The article goes on to explain that many tissue lesions in human biology are being diagnosed with the scary-sounding term "cancer" even though they would not lead to any real harm in the body even if left untreated.

$100 billion a year generated by the cancer industry to treat many patients who never had "real" cancer in the first place

Oncologists and the breast cancer industry prey on systematic over-diagnosis of cancer in order to scare patients into unnecessary treatments. These treatments are helping generate $100 billion a year in chemotherapy revenues, often for so-called "cancers" that shouldn't even count as cancer in the first place. [Many people believe that medical doctors don't make any money on the prescriptions they write, and that's true EXCEPT for chemotherapy that is done in the doctor's office… in this scenario, the doctor is allowed to profit from the use of the chemo drugs! Could there be a financial incentive to over-diagnose cancer by these docs?]

"Physicians, patients and the general public must recognize that overdiagnosis is common and occurs more frequently with cancer screening," warns the NCI-commissioned science article in JAMA.

A 2002 editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine maintained that the efficacy of mammograms for younger women is an open question. "The debate is worth following closely," concluded the editor of the journal, "because women are deciding about breast cancer screening, and it's our role to keep them informed as best we can." Yet it is worth remembering that "mammography screening may lead to an overdiagnosis of breast cancer, that is, the detection of a tumor that would not have become clinically detectable in the patient's lifetime." - from the book "What If Medicine Disappeared" by Gerald E Markle.

Cancer industry runs on scientific quackery and sleazy fear-based sales tactics to recruit patients

This all confirms what I've said over and over again as a consumer health advocate: The cancer industry uses scare tactics that smack of "medical terrorism" to recruit frightened women and men into unnecessary -- but highly profitable -- cancer "treatments" that benefit no one other than the cancer industry quacks (oncologists).

As first published in Natural News:

The report drops a few major bombshells on the way that many cancers are diagnosed. Breast cancer, for instance, is sometimes not breast cancer at all but rather a benign condition such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). However, untold millions of women with DCIS have been misdiagnosed as having breast cancer, and subsequently treated for a condition that likely never would have caused them any health problems. And similarly in men, high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN), a type of premalignant precursor to cancer, is commonly mistreated as if it was actual cancer.

"The practice of oncology in the United States is in need of a host of reforms and initiatives to mitigate the problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment of cancer, according to a working group sanctioned by the National Cancer Institute," explains Medscape.com about the study. "Perhaps most dramatically, the group says that a number of premalignant conditions, including ductal carcinoma in situ and high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, should no longer be called 'cancer.'"

Bill Sardi, author of "You Don't Have to Be Afraid of Cancer Anymore" also adds this:

Overdiagnosis refers to the detection by screening (mammograms, PSA tests) of cancers that would not have become apparent to a doctor or produce symptoms detectable to the patient before an individual died of other causes. Cancer is prevalent, far beyond the number diagnosed in human populations, and most adults will die with, but not of, their cancer. Treatment and invasive or toxic screening methods (radiation from x-rays, mammograms, needle biopsies) for tumors that may never progress to cause symptoms or death in an individual's lifetime would represent overdiagnosis and needless treatment.

The truth about cancer is slowly emerging as cancer industry quackery gets exposed

The good news in all this is that if you've just been diagnosed with cancer, you may be a victim of medical quackery and not really have life-threatening cancer at all.

The first and most important step in any cancer diagnosis is to be skeptical of your oncologist and get informed rather than frightened. Don't get suckered into a toxic chemotherapy treatment by the cancer quacks who hilariously call themselves doctors. Instead, get educated, get a second opinion and get yourself a holistic or naturopathic physician to learn about a vast array of treatment options, lifestyle changes and other interventions that can prevent, treat or even reverse cancer.

Think about it: Even the National Cancer Institute's own scientists publicly admit that many cancer diagnoses are FAKE and shouldn't be called "cancer" at all. But the quack cancer doctors keep calling them cancer because that's what earns them more patients and revenues. They aren't interested in a truthful diagnosis; they're interested in scaring you into unnecessary chemotherapy!

That's how the cancer industry has exploded to $100 billion a year in treatment revenues. As also published on Natural News:

In America today, more money is spent to treat cancer than to treat any other disease by far. In fact, according to NBC News, 100 BILLION dollars was spent on cancer drugs just last year alone...

If you are diagnosed with cancer in America today and you choose to trust the medical system with your treatment, you can say goodbye to your financial future. Even if you have health insurance, you will probably end up flat broke one way or the other. Either you will survive and be flat broke, or you will die flat broke.

The following is how one woman described her experience with chemo...

This highly toxic fluid was being injected into my veins. The nurse administering it was wearing protective gloves because it would burn her skin if just a tiny drip came into contact with it. I couldn't help asking myself "If such precautions are needed to be taken on the outside, what is it doing to me on the inside?" From 7 pm that evening, I vomited solidly for two and a half days. During my treatment, I lost my hair by the handful, I lost my appetite, my skin colour, my zest for life. I was death on legs.

Don't become a victim of the FAKE cancer industry

Don't let yourself be victimized by a fake medical diagnosis from a cancer industry doctor. Learn the truth about cancer and take back your health from the real cancer quacks (oncologists) who profit from ignorance and fear. [Editor's note: Even though some of the honest oncologists believe they are offering you the best treatment available, in reality they are not. But they can only offer what they are taught to offer. So the primary problem is with current medical education, but since that is driven by profit, the system does not work in the best interests of the end-user (patients).


"Chemotherapy Success Rates Are Growing"

No, they are not!

How the statistical success rates of conventional
cancer treatments are being exaggerated

Anybody who is 40 or 50 years old, recalls the term “abnormal cells”, which is best described as any abnormal cell with the absence of cancer. But oncologists are no longer allowed to call them “abnormal cells”! They must call them “Stage 0 Cancer” or “Carcinoma in Situ”! Both can be thought of as intentional fear mongering terms to scare people into chemotherapy who do not need it.

Read the Institute of Cancer’s own definition of Stage 0 Cancer as found here.

“A group of abnormal cells that remain in the place where they first formed. They have not spread. These abnormal cells may become cancer and spread into nearby normal tissue. Also called carcinoma in situ.”

Apparently, the North American field of oncology did not take the news too well when the Royal College of Oncologists in the UK, identified that chemotherapy only had a 2.4% success rate at a 5 year mortality across all cancers in the United States, so the industry needed to find a way to increase those numbers. (This "misrepresentative statistics" also occurs when looking at the "five year survival rate" stat, which has seemed to improve, with the medical industry taking credit and implying that better treatments are the reason. But careful analysis shows that it is earlier detection that's responsible for the apparent improvement in survival time, and not because of "getting the cancer earlier", but because the "five year counter" is started earlier... the survival rate is shown to have not improved when earlier detection is factored in.)

Instead of looking into better treatments, like the ones above, the industry opted to define a new cancer (which specifically indicates that no cancer is present), and include that in their statistical successes.

Don’t be fooled by embellished numbers. 95% of all cancers (which are the soft tissue cancers like breast, prostate, brain, lung, skin, ovarian, uterine) have, at best, a 5% chance of reversal through chemo and radiation, while the treatments above give you better odds, and are non-toxic.


Food and Cancer

From Cancerologist Dr. Bruce Ames* Regarding "Mutagenesis, Carcinogenesis, and the Degenerative Diseases of Aging"

Cooking food is plausible as a contributor to cancer. A wide variety of chemicals are formed during cooking. Four groups of chemicals that cause tumors in rodents have attracted attention because of mutagenicity, potency, and concentration:

1. Nitrosamines are formed from nitrogen oxides present in gas flames or from other burning. Surprisingly little work has been done on the levels of nitrosamines in fish or meat cooked in gas ovens or barbecued, considering their mutagenic and carcinogenic potency.

2. Heterocyclic amines are formed from heating amino acids or proteins.

3. Polycyclic hydrocarbons are formed from charring meat.

4. Furfural and similar furans are formed from heating sugars. Heating fat generates mutagenic epoxides, hydroperoxides, and unsaturated aldehydes.

* Dr. Ames is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center, University of California, Berkeley. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and was on their Commission on Life Sciences. He was formerly on the board of directors of the National Cancer Institute (National Cancer Advisory Board). He was the recipient of the most prestigious award for cancer research, the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Prize (1983), the highest award in environmental achievement, the Tyler Prize (1985), the Gold Medal Award of the American Institute of Chemists (1991), and the Glenn Foundation Award of the Gerontological Society of America (1992). He has been elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Japan Cancer Association, and the Academy of Toxicological Sciences. His 300 scientific publications have resulted in his being the 23rd most-cited scientist (in all fields) (1973-1984).]

Recommended reading:

The Secrets of the Cooking Pan

Naturopathic doctor forced to shut her clinic after wave of death threats and government regulator pressure



“Cancer Can Be Killed”
by Jeff Witzeman

Cancer Can Be Killed is my quest to find out why my wife’s life was threatened by doctors here in the United States. Why on earth would they perform barbaric procedures that would give her only a 50% chance of survival? Why were they able to kill the cancer in 30 days naturally with no chemo, no radiation and no radical surgery in Germany?

I followed the lives of 15 success stories, treated both here and abroad to find out what works and why. I hope this film gives you the strength and courage to find the non-toxic cure for you and your loved ones.

The entire film can be viewed on Amazon.


Since so many contacts I receive ask this question, let me address it here.

So you or your loved one has cancer and the only options your health care coverage offers are radical surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Or maybe they are telling you, you are a candidate for immunotherapy. Of course all of these are toxic options and you know you want better. So the first task in my opinion (once you get over the shock of getting the diagnosis) is to OWN the cancer. And by that I mean taking the position that you played a part in creating it, and therefore you can play a part in eliminating it. Do some research online to find out what other people have done successfully. Contact them if possible on social media and ask them what is possible.

There are many holistic or naturopathic doctors around the world that have experience with treating cancer naturally. You can certainly start there by calling someone local and finding out what they do and what their success rate has been. The film Cancer Can Be Killed featured two clinics in the United States – Nature Works Best in Tempe, Arizona and Utopia Wellness in Clearwater, Florida. The two clinics in Germany were Infusio and Marinus Am Stein. Germancancerclinics.com offers a referral service for your specific cancer to a natural clinic in Germany. And then there are great clinics in Mexico, Switzerland and even the Philippines. One can do a search on the Internet to find them. The Gerson therapy has been around for a long time with a great track record and they are located in Mexico and San Diego.

Of course most of this is not covered by insurance . . . yet . . . (see the petition), so how does one pay for it? You would be surprised how many people want to contribute to paying for you to recover from cancer. So start a crowd funding campaign. Post it on social media. Once you know where you are going and what they are doing, sell your friends and family why this is the greatest thing ever. Point them to the Cancer Can Be Killed film if they need convincing.

Here are two great resources – Chris Beat Cancer and Cancer Tutor. Both have great information with videos, treatment and clinic options.

Finally, use your insurance for all it’s worth. Ask your doctor to do blood testing for micronutrients and metals or toxins and urine testing for hormones. Once they find the imbalance, you can use this information to confer with your [knowledgeable] naturopath what specific supplements can aid in recovery. If you are a breast cancer patient, find out where the estrogen or hormone imbalance is coming from and what options there are to balance that out. If you have to use a pharmaceutical option, then look at it as a short term solution that you can eventually replace.



Why can't my Dad understand how these therapies are a better approach?!!

It's psychologically difficult for some people to accept that there are better treatments than those offered by the conventional medical model, because to accept that this is true suddenly means they can't rely on the health care system anymore, and that they must take total responsibility for their own health and treatment options which is mind-boggling.

So to avoid that overwhelming feeling of dread/fear/self-doubt, their brains – as a self-defense mechanism – simply choose to disbelieve that there can be anything better than modern medicine. And no amount of evidence to the contrary will shake their firm belief in the medical model. Once you realize this is who you're dealing with, to continue trying to convince this person is just a waste of time. It's like trying to teach a pig to sing... it will just frustrate the pig and you. Sad, but true.

The people who get the most out of the above "alternative" therapies are those who are open-minded, not afraid of taking responsibility for doing something themselves, and it helps to be aware of the profit-motives of the pharmaceutical and medical industries (not talking about the doctors and nurses).