Why the Pharma Industry Hates Iodine
(and the upper, upper management of the medical industry does too)

By Don Bennett, DAS

First, some background. One-hundred years ago, medical doctors prescribed iodine pills for various issues. But iodine can't be patented (it's a nutrient), and so the newly formed patent medicine industry (today's "Big Pharma") hated iodine because it competed with their new thyroid meds and antibiotics (which would go on to make them boatloads of money).

So, the question for the soon-to-be pharmaceutical industry was how to get the doctors to stop prescribing iodine and to instead prescribe their patented meds? Hmmm. How about influencing the medical schools where the docs were taught! And this is what happened. Lots of money was given to medical schools, which allowed the pharma folks onto the boards of those schools, and the curriculums were "adjusted" accordingly. That's why today's endocrinologists are not taught that the 3 and 4 in T3 and T4 (two thyroid hormones that are tested when checking thyroid function) represent atoms of iodine. If the docs were to realize this, they might wonder why iodine testing isn't part of their thyroid function testing, especially since many people no longer use iodized table salt. The pharmaceutical industry can't have this kind of questioning going on.

So, since there's a correlation between increased ill health and increased pharma profits, no wonder why so many people are iodine deficient today. Consider that the body requires enough iodine to have robust anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor mechanisms-of-action. Those people who have "whole body tissue sufficiency" of iodine aren't concerned about getting the flu or the SARS-CoV2 virus (Covid). But they are a micro-micro-minority of the gen pop.

A proper iodine protocol consists of getting tested (properly), and an iodine literate practitioner then assesses the results of the tests and recommends an iodine level restoration protocol, which can take up to a year to resolve a deficiency (because deficiencies are an unnaturally low state, and because of the body's demand for iodine – every cell has an iodine receptor, suggesting that iodine is important to every cell, and by extension, every organ, especially the organs that comprise the "immune system").

You could do all this yourself, but it would take a very long time to become sufficiently educated to do it all safely and effectively. Most of the iodine "fails" happen because people do it as a DIY project. Even some iodine groups on social media platforms have both accurate and inaccurate info. And even some well-intentioned Naturopaths are not educated properly when it comes to iodine.

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Don Bennett is an insightful, reality-based author, iodine literate practitioner, and health creation counselor who uses the tools in his toolbox like logic, common sense, critical thinking, and independent thought to figure out how to live so we can be optimally healthy.