(U.S. folks only)
(Norman Labs is no longer doing MMA testing)

You can do the uMMA test for B12 status one of two ways:

1) If you're doing any other tests with LabCorp labs through Life Extension (like the D or thyroid tests), you do this urine test while at the lab for your blood draw. You just have to be able to give them a urine sample while you're there. Or you could go to a LabCorp lab just to do this uMMA test.

2) If you want to collect your urine at home and ship it to LabCorp for testing, you can do this at-home uMMA test. This is a "spot" urine test, meaning that a one-time sample is used (you don't have to collect multiple urine samples over a period of time).

Life Extension Foundation does the D and thyroid tests. Don has quite a number of clients who use them, and they are very pleased. You order the tests online, pay for them online, print out a page they email you, and take it to a local LabCorp lab to get the tests done, then LEF will email you the results, and you'd email them to us (if you're counseling with us).

After purchasing the test(s) from Life Extension, you can use this website to locate your nearest LabCorp lab. They close at 3pm. You can make an appointment (which is quicker than just walking in).

All fees are paid directly to Life Extension. Don has no affiliation with Life Extension or LabCorp.

NOTE: The urine sample for the UMMA test should not be clear; it must have some color. The "first morning" sample should be concentrated enough to have some color. If it doesn't, the day before the test, cut back on fluid intake (water and coconut water), and no watermelon either.

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