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Rebounding Testimonials & Quotes


"I started rebounding 28 days ago. My immune system was so shot and I was tired of being tired and sick. I started with the gentle "health bounce" for 15 min in the morning and 15 min in the evening. I also began a sensible diet to help cut down food allergies etc. My main objective is to get my lymphatic system moving and find some type of exercise I could do without re-injuring my knee (I had the ACL replaced back in 93 and I tore the cartilage off the bone, so no more running or much of anything without severe pain and bleeding in the joint!) so, needless to say, I have been desperate to find an exercise I could do that wouldn't irritate the bones in my knee.

I began to lose weight immediately! Muscle tone, improved breathing, no more ear aches or sore throats and my allergies are clearing up!!!!! WOW. I'm up to 38 min in the am and I do about 15 at night. I decided to look up rebounding on the web to find out more about it-need I say more? I found the ReboundAIR and ordered the book and a video for myself and one for my children.

I've been using the "Keep on Rebounding" video for about 2 weeks. I have lost a total of 15 lbs. since I started. I'm toned, slim, my skin is clear and glowing. I still haven't gotten all the moves down in the video, but my knee has strengthened enough to keep my balance and I can at least keep going to the end. My mom started about a week ago and my HUSBAND started about 3 days ago.

I haven't had any pain, I love the results and I'm thinking about getting certified in reboundology and putting an ad in my children's school handout to teach anyone else who wants to learn. It's amazing. I am very excited about this and I love my ReboundAIR, it's so much nicer than the one I picked up at a sports store. Even less impact on my knee and joints. I could add a list of things that have improved, but I figure this is long enough.

Thanks for a great product and for a great video!"

Stephanie Jemmett


"I can't thank you enough for this exciting, fun way to exercise! It has turned something that used to be drudgery into something I look forward to every day. Through combination of diet and exercise, I have lost 23 pounds and two clothing sizes."

From: gailmm@worldpath.net


"I've been rebounding for some time now. My initial motivation was lymphatic health. I have found that I can rebound every day (week days) without any signs of over-training. I have tried running on that schedule but developed ankle and knee pain, so I feel rebounding is better for that style of training. I use a 15 minute rebound session to warm up for yoga and weight lifting."

Josh Blacksher


"That roll of stretched skin that appears on a woman's tummy after having a baby, (I have had three) can disappear, and with commitment to your rebounder, DOES. It combats depression, stops menstrual cramps, increases circulation in your face and thus decreases wrinkling and gives you the appearance of youth."

Lynda Leah Lown


"...she [nurse practioner] couldn't believe my age. She said, 'you have the bones of a 17 year old!' The reading was done with a Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer and measured a T-score of 2.8. Pretty amazing for someone my age. I'm sure that this test was a result of my exercise on a rebounder, my eating habits and good mental health. Thank you Al for all your research and dedication to this form of exercise. It works wonders if you work at it."

Sue Trip, stripp@onemain.com


"My name is Meg knoll and I live in Wisconsin. I'm writing to thank you so much for getting rebounding out where people can see it and realize how great it is! I was someone that was told by my doctor that I needed to stop compression exercise, because of my back. I had been a jogger and an aerobic exercise person for many years. I didn't know what to do! Walking just didn't do it for me! ...All I can say is THANK YOU! I absolutely love rebounding and it is just marvelous exercise! I've had no problems with my messed up back and neck - if anything, rebounding has strengthened my back. I just wanted you to know what it's done for me and that your website is an excellent source of information. I've talked up rebounding with anyone that will listen and sent many people to your website."

From: GEMRF@aol.com


"What is my primary objective? Weight loss, tone, and a change in my exercise routine. It's a fun way to make sure I get some aerobic exercise every day. ...I also like the idea of being able to get a good aerobic workout indoors without going to the gym. I have a treadmill but it's so boring!"

Wendy Lehnert


"Right now I rebound three days a week, will work up to five or six. 20 minutes at a time, again, I will work my way up to a longer period of time. My objective is to lose weight and tone. I used my rebounder about 13 years ago to lose 40 pounds, therefore, I know it works (along with dieting). I have a free gym membership through my work, but I choose to use this method of exercise instead because I can use it in the privacy of my own home and it's fun."

Heather Donatini


"I am rebounding five days a week, but only for two ten minute periods a day. I'm still new at this. My objectives are tone and lymphatic system stimulation at age 49. Rebounding is enjoyable and the time passes quickly. I feel strengthening and toning in the backs of my legs, around my knees and across my back. I need to start increasing the duration this weekend."

From: marilyn.eppler@spectrum.com


My name is Ray Koncsol. I'm a 62 year old gentleman that was diagnosed as having Muscular Dystrophy in 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1981 I retired in Florida and weighed about 225 lbs. In 1983 I bought the book "The Miracles of Rebounding" and my first rebounder. I have kept your book at my bedside for many years and have read it so much that I have had to use tape to keep it bound together.

Over the years my rebounding has gone from 45 minutes a day to nothing. Sometimes when I got really lazy and would not rebound for a long time, my mobility would get so bad that I could hardly walk without looking like I'm going to fall over any minute. Other times when I was on a streak of consistent daily exercise I would walk so normal that when I would tell people that I had MD they would say they hadn't noticed anything in my walking.

What I'm trying to say is that I have to sincerely say that I believe that rebound exercise has kept me out of a wheelchair for the last 18 years or at least the last 5 years. I have a record of every jump I've ever done on a rebounder kept in annual diaries and I can look back and tell the good years from the bad years according to how much time I spent on the rebounder.

I have to put my rebounder in the hallway and hold onto the door jambs because my balance is not so good but right now I'm back to rebounding almost daily ( I've rebounded 93 out of the last 96 days ). I have atrophy in the front of my ankles so even when I'm doing the strength bounce my toes will not leave the mat but I do the best that I can. Over the last 3 months, I've sometimes rebounded for 30 minutes a day and sometimes for over 50 minutes a day. I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to do at least something every day no matter what.

I now weigh about 185 lbs and would like to lose about 20 lbs in the midsection and have that as my goal over the next year. My main goal through rebounding to make myself a productive person as far as income is concerned so I'm not a burden to my son or my family. I would like to become a member of your organization but will have to wait until I can get the funds together to get one of your units. I came across your website last week and have spent hours looking at everything I could find on rebounding.

It's really nice to see how rebounding may finally get the recognition that it certainly deserves. I hope I can be a part of introducing the best exercise known to man to a truly uneducated public. I wanted to write and thank you for what you introduced back in 1979 because as I said before, I would be in a wheelchair if I had not read your book and started rebounding.

Thanks a Million ! ! !

Ray Koncsol


"My experience has been nothing short of miraculous. I'm a relatively fit, slender 56 year old woman, mother of three grown children, married to an MD.

Within only two weeks of starting rebounding, I saw positive changes in my body that the last three year of having a personal trainer had not achieved. The first things I noticed was my skin becoming tighter and toned on my whole body, including my face. My flexibility, coordination, and balance immediately improved.

As I continued jumping, approximately 15 minutes a day, my considerable cellulite significantly diminished. The redness on my chest and neck has greatly diminished, and my skin now has a firmness and radiance that it had lost. It completely relieves the shoulder and neck tension that builds when I work on the computer, and has greatly reduced the frequency and duration of my headaches. The most recent discovery I've made is the significant lessening of the spider veins on my legs.

I believe many of these improvements are due to the anti-inflammatory effects of an efficiently stimulated lymphatic system."

Ariel Moss, Director, Richard Moss Seminars


"…for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness." N.A.S.A., Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887, 1980


"The minitrampoline [rebounder] provides a convenient form of exercise with a major advantage being its apparent low level of trauma to the musculoskeletal system." Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1990: 10; 401-408


"Rebounding is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found." James R. White, Ph.D., author of Jump for Joy


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