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Health 101's
Hall of Shame


Here's the next product to take advantage of the raw food community... and I say "take advantage of" because to look at the product, you might think it's a raw product, meaning it hasn't been cooked or heat processed so that none of the natural goodness (nutrition) has been damaged. But if you read the fine print on the back of the bottle, you'll see that it has been pasteurized. And I don't care what name you give to it, like "gently pasteurized", it's still been heat treated which damages or destroys nutrients. And since true "raw products" have not been cooked or heat treated in any way, and this product gives the appearance of being a raw product, one might buy it thinking they're consuming a raw product. But it's called, "It Tastes RAW" but raw is spelled RAAW, so I guess that covers the manufacturer's butt.

This misleadingly labeled item with the deceptive name is exactly why there is the phrase, "Let the buyer beware".

Other juices: carrot-lemonade, cranberry-ginger

Made by http://rawfoodsinternational.com


When speaking about the hazardous effects of cooking food, I usually don't include fruit when listing all the different cooked foods that we eat because fruit is so delicious as is, who would want to cook it. Well, in an effort to make their produce department appeal to a wider audience, Whole Foods suggests that you cook nectarines! The sign reads,

"Did you ever think of grilling fruit? Cut nectarines in half lengthwise, remove the pit, lightly coat nectarines with melted butter, grill eight to ten minutes until fruit is hot throughout."


Okay, so Whole Foods recognizes that there are many folks who have no problem with eating cooked food, and maybe the person who made the above suggestion doesn't know about the damaging effects of cooking, but... chocolate covered bacon?!!  I'm not kidding!
I saw this while standing in line at the checkout (the best location to place an item for an "impulse buy"). This "exotic" chocolate bar advertises,

applewood smoked bacon

Alder wood smoked salt

deep milk chocolate

And if bacon isn't bad enough for you... smoked salt?!!

I could say shame on Mo for making such a product, but there will always be people who will manufacture this garbage, and they are probably incapable of feeling shame. But shame on Whole Foods for carrying such a product. I realize they have a responsibility to make a profit, but when it's at the expense of people's health, wouldn't that be a nice place to draw the line? (I don't mean to pick on Whole Foods; since they carry a lot of organic produce, it's where I do most of my food shopping.)


National Fast Food Day is observed annually on November 16. On this day each year, people all across
the country celebrate by going through the drive-thru, dining inside or ordering their fast food to go.

An example of how something unhealthy is normalized. And an example of how an industry can
manufacture public acceptance of something that is not in their best interest.
Remember, they are called happy meals, not healthy meals.
If you haven't seen the documentary Super Size Me, you're in for a treat.


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